Mobilizing Americans across the country to support the employees locked out by the Kellogg Company at BCTGM Local 252-G in Memphis, Tenn.


Is a symbol of what is happening to millions of Americans across our great nation. It’s called Corporate Greed, the betterment of the 1 percent. Corporate Greed’s mission is to break up Unions so the greedy few at the top can suck the profits out of companies made by the hard working employees.

These greedy CEO’s not only want unimaginable salaries, bonuses, and golden parachutes, they want to take away your benefits, cut your wages, and lower the standard of living for working class America.

Companies like Kellogg’s want the public to believe that the Kellogg Company is as American as apple pie, a servant to the needy truly caring about people. Yes, they do donate (as they should) to people in need, but what is their motive? Is it real? Do they really care about people? If they do, how do they lock out an entire plant, deny their health care benefits, violate a Master Contract agreement, and even fire salaried employees within months of retirement.

Kellogg’s continues to make millions of dollars quarter after quarter, year after year and it’s never enough. They won’t be happy until they suck out the very value that made Kellogg’s what it is today: “It’s People".

The Kellogg Company was founded by a visionary, W. K. Kellogg. His legacy for the Kellogg Company was very simple: “I’ll invest my money in people”.

Wouldn’t it be sweet justice if the labor movement in America were kick started by the actions of the greedy CEO of the Kellogg Company? W. K. would be proud—It’s Time!

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