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Goals of the Coalition for the Organizational Protection of People and Equal Rights

To work collaboratively as an organization consisting of labor, religious organizations, social and civic organizations and individuals who have demonstrated their belief in empowering and defending the well-being of all those in the Memphis Area community who are powerless and exploited by those who possess power.

To defend the Memphis area community members who are being exploited, harassed and economically victimized due to their lack of power.

To educate the powerless and exploited regarding their rights.

To expose the injustice and economic victimization within every system that supports and defends such inequity and social repression.

To diligently work to engage our community leaders on every political level to work toward economic fairness, and conscious constructive approaches to remedy the severe imbalance of power between those who possess it and those who do not.

To use the joint power of our collective organizational members to demand that politicians, corporations and government on every level builds into their policies and practices safe guards for those less fortunate so that the balance of power in our community does not continue to disenfranchise those who have little.

To seek political and legislative alternatives on every level of government whereby the exploitation of those in our Memphis area communities, who have for too long been deemed as having incidental or no interests in governmental outcomes, can have a meaningful voice in their own economic futures and those of their families.

To recruit others voices and organizations with similar views and vision to be included into an organization that speaks collectively for families who have been disenfranchised in their own community by the imbalance of power.

It is with all this as our joint mission that we, create and establish this community organization known as the Coalition for the Organizational Protection of People and Equal Rights, aka C.O.P.P.E.R in this Memphis Area.

The Copper Coalition
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